Brad Lubman

Brad Lubman – Composer in Residence 2017: achiever of worldwide recognition in recent decades through his versatility and perceptive interpretations will make his personal imprint on this year's Grafenegg Music Festival.

The 2017 Composer in Residence, American conductor and composer Brad Lubman, has achieved worldwide recognition in recent decades through his versatility and perceptive interpretations. He has worked with major orchestras in Europe and the USA and some of Europe and America’s leading ensembles for contemporary music. He is Professor of Conducting at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester (New York) and is on the faculty at the Bang on a Can Summer Institute. His own compositions feature on several recordings, including the CD «insomniac», a portrait of his work to date.

In 2017, Lubman will be leading the annual and highly rewarded, international INK STILL WET Composer Conductor Workshop in Grafenegg.

Brad Lubman will be introducing three of his works in Grafenegg and directing the Composer-Conductor Workshop INK STILL WET.


Herr Lubman, in Grafenegg you will be meeting young composers and conductors – what is in store for you?

It is always a refreshing experience to meet artists of the young generation, because their enthusiasm is infectious. The generation gap must be taken seriously. Too often we forget that we ourselves were once young, emotional, headstrong artists who hoped our art could move an audience and express something.

You will be presenting three of your own works at the Grafenegg Festival. How would you describe your pieces?

The spirit of the Fanfare is a festive one, it is intended to arouse a great feeling – one that expresses the joyful anticipation of a great open-air festival. The other two pieces, «Reflections» and «Theater Of The Imagination», are set in the sort of style that invites the listener to enter a dream world. The idea is to take the audience to acoustic realms of the imagination that it may never have envisaged.

Grafenegg is a unique campus in the heart of the countryside. Will this parkland setting influence you and the people who attend your workshop?

Art is always influenced by its surroundings, of course. I feel that in my own work. It makes a difference whether one is composing in the country, in the mountains or in a great city. That all has an effect on the music and the way you want to express yourself. And I’m sure that the natural environment of Grafenegg will be an inspiration to all of us. But what I’m most looking forward to is coming together at this location, we musicians and our audience too, to listen, to open our ears and to let ourselves be amazed.

Please note: The interview was retranslated into English by Janet and Michael Berridge.

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