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Outlook 2020

After the acclaimed pilot project in 2018, the Grafenegg Academy returns in summer 2020. One of its pillars is the Grafenegg Academy Orchestra. Founded in 2018, it is every year newly made up of gifted young musicians at the start of their professional careers. They come from all over the world and embody the interdisciplinary approach to the orchestral repertoire taken by Campus Grafenegg. What connects all of them is a well-developed interest in a further education that transcends purely technical aspects of music-making, understanding music as a combination of culture, history, politics and society. The participants share a curiosity, openness to new ideas and ambition to take the lead in the musical landscape of tomorrow. They are joined by renowned and interesting conductors and artists whose own practice emphasises probing deeply into works and the circumstances of their creation and who can offer the orchestral players far-reaching inspiration for new ways of playing, hearing and understanding music.




A central pillar of the Campus Grafenegg was created with the founding of the Grafenegg Academy Orchestra. This orchestral ambassador of the Grafenegg Academy is made up of young musicians at the start of their professional careers in cooperation with the European Union Youth Orchestra, the mdw - University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and The Orchestra Now (TŌN). Coming from all over Europe, the USA and Asia, they are the embodiment of Campus Grafenegg’s interdisciplinary approach to the orchestral repertoire. The participating musicians are highly talented young professional musicians at the start of their careers with a keen interest in music education that goes beyond the merely technical aspects of performing music and links music to culture, history, politics and society as a new means of understanding. Curiosity, openness to new ideas, and an ambition to be a leader in tomorrow’s musical landscape are common qualities of the orchestra members. Intercultural communication and an active examination of the repertoire are essential in the collaboration between the musicians. In 2018, its founding year, the Grafenegg Academy Orchestra is working with world-class conductors and artists whose own practice is inspired by a deep exploration into musical works and the circumstances of their creation. This approach will open up new possibilities of playing, listening to and understanding music, and not only for the musicians of the Grafenegg Academy Orchestra.




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