Composer Conductor Workshop

INK STILL WET, the composer conductor-workshop, is a platform for young composers. It is designed to support a creative dialogue between artists composing music and those performing it. Ryan Wigglesworth, Composer in Residence of the Grafenegg Festival 2018, works alongside young composers on scores and supports them in preparing the works for their premiere with the Tonkunstler Orchestra, conducted by the workshop participants. Wigglesworth knows that conducting forms a composer’s own musical language. His compositions emerge from deep processes in which he starts by questioning himself. ≪I don’t think it makes sense to think about the audience when you’re writing the first note≫, he says. ≪First you have to forget that you’re writing for an audience, so that you can find out what you want to say. Otherwise it becomes a form of manipulation. Ultimately it’s about the purity of the idea, which generally does reach its audience≫ – a philosophy that he will debate in the workshop. Young composers can apply to the Composer Conductor-Workshop by submitting a score, which then undergoes a selection process. At INK STILL WET the central questions are when a work is finished, what technical rules should be followed, how to put something previously unheard into sound – and above all how to bring a work to performance when it has only just been written and revised. INK STILL WET is both composition workshop and sound laboratory, in which the fundamentals of music are measured against the contemporary world. Anyone interested can visit the rehearsals free of charge.

Program Ink Still Wet

April 2019

Easter concert

Natur European Union Youth Orchestra Grafenegg Campus Grafenegg Auditorium

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