Grafenegg Schloss

«Musik im Bild»
Four Sound Trails show the relationship between music and the visual world.


  • Musicians of the EUYO


Trail 1:
«Vienna 1900 – soundtracks to the image»

Trail 2:
«Sound portraits – painting with music»

Trail 3:
«Music visualisation – the image of the music»

Trail 4:
«Getting Elemental – sky, land, water, fire … music»


Musicians of the EUYO

Music in Vision — the musicians of the European Union Youth Orchestra delve into the relationship between their music and the world of the visual. Music can «paint» images with sound in a way that all human beings relate to. And yet music remains very much its own language. Schloss Grafenegg will come alive, when twelve rooms of chamber music will focus on four themes in a series of music trails. Audiences will have the ability to wander from room to room in Schloss Grafenegg and create their own programme.


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