Campus Grafenegg

The Campus Grafenegg is tailored to new audiences who seek to understand music as more than just a listening experience. Historical and social references feed into the Campus programme and bring the interplay between art, politics and society to life. At the same time, the Campus has an educational purpose and seeks to equip talented young musicians with a foundation, on top of their own artistic ability, to deal with the challenges they face in the professional world. Initiative and entrepreneurial spirit are called for now more than ever; against this background, a new image of the musician of the future starts to emerge, one who seeks an active role in society. The division between active and passive, between performer and audience is dissolving. For the audience, this opens up possibilities of moving beyond its traditional role to one of active participation in the artistic process. Special formats such as open rehearsals, round-table discussions and concerts forge new paths for engaging with seldom-heard works in new and more intensive ways. It is a fundamental principle of the Campus that all programmes – lectures, discussions inlcuded are open to all those interested – musicians and audience alike – and promotes dialogue between them, between generations and between different approaches. The focus is on musical practice in the context of social change and the historical developments this brings. The Grafenegg Campus appeals in particular to those who love music, who want to be involved in musical processes and who seek connections between music, politics and society.


An annual workshop of young composers with the festival's Composer in Residence. Watch and listen to how music is created today!

Chamber Music

The European Chamber Music Academy (ECMA) was founded in 2004 as one of Europe's most important workshops for chamber music ensembles.

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