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Werner Feiersinger: Untitled

Werner Feiersinger is a sculptor who combines the formal vocabulary of minimal art with a vast knowledge of the history of design and architecture – essential ingredients for his deviant objects. What appears to conform to a classical cannon proves an irritant on closer scrutiny, what suggests fixed values slips into paradox.

Catrin Bolt: A Film for Grafenegg Schlosspark

The initial idea was to play film music over the entire gounds every hour. This would make the park a film set, an artifically created countryside as a backdrop for dramatic, exciting or romantic scenes.

Little Warsaw: Balance Capsule

A yellow telephone booth on a white pyramid in a historical park: Little Warsaw's projects frequently build on a moment of dislocation, of shift, of a change in context, with many of the projects bringing ideologically charged objects into different relationships. Accordingly, for example, in 2004 the artists transported the bronze statue of a farmer from a small village in Hungary to Amsterdam, and a couple of years prior they had cast a 1920s portal complete with a dead soldier on the ground in soft silicon.

Marc Dion: Buchsdom Tower

In the romantic early-classicist park at Grafenegg the focus is on the stage-management of the landscape, of nature. For the internationally renowned American artist Mark Dion nature is a cultural construct, the object of people's projections.

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