• 4 Saxess Saxophonquartett, ensemble
  • Peter Rohrsdorfer, Saxophone
  • Daniela Rohrsdorfer, Saxophone
  • Eberhard Reiter, Saxophone
  • Markus Holzer, Saxophone


George Gershwin
«Rhapsody in Blue» for Orchestra (Arr. for Saxophone Quartet: Johan van der Linden)

Leonard Bernstein
«West Side Story», extracts (Arr. for Saxophone Quartet: James Boatman)

Sylvain Dedenon
Suite for Saxophone Quartet after music from the Opera «Porgy and Bess» by George Gershwin

George Gershwin
«The man I love» (Arr. for Saxophone Quartet: Art Marshall)

John Kander
«New York, New York» (Arr. for Saxophone Quartet: Jack Gale)


4 Saxess Saxophonquartett • Peter Rohrsdorfer • Daniela Rohrsdorfer • Eberhard Reiter • Markus Holzer

Gershwin • Dedenon • Kander

Prelude, Schlosshof

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