• Cologne Radio Orchestra
  • Valentina Naforniţa, soprano
  • Jukka-Pekka Saraste, conductor


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: «Ah, lo previdi» Recitative and aria for Soprano and Orchestra KV 272

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: «Bella mia fiamma» Scene for Soprano and Orchestra KV 528

- Interval -  

Anton Bruckner: Symphony No. 5 in B-flat major


Cologne Radio Orchestra · Valentina Naforniţa · Jukka-Pekka Saraste

Mozart · Bruckner

It is the great work of a lonely man: a heady descent into sound, a search for inner worlds and for God. Anton Bruckner called his 5th Symphony the «fantastic». With this work, he finally liberated himself from all constraints: from Wagner’s influence, from composing masses, from all public expectation even. His contemporaries were impressed and called the new piece a «Church of Faith».

Now, Finnish conductor Jukka-Pekka Saraste performs this opus magnum together with the Cologne Radio Orchestra. Beforehand, Valentina Naforniţa, the Moldovan soprano and member of the Vienna State Opera, sings concert arias by Mozart.

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