• Gstaad Festival Orchestra
  • Martina Serafin, soprano
  • Jonas Kaufmann, tenor
  • Falk Struckmann, bass
  • Jaap van Zweden, conductor


Richard Wagner:

Prelude to the Opera «Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg»
Prelude to the Opera «Tristan und Isolde»

Richard Wagner: «Der Ritt der Walküren» from the opera «Die Walküre»

- break -

Richard Wagner: «Die Walküre» Opera in three acts, first lift


Gstaad Festival Orchestra · Martina Serafin · Jonas Kaufmann · Falk Struckmann · Jaap van Zweden


Act one of the «Valkyrie» is one of the most intoxicating love scenes in opera, especially when, as tonight, sung by such outstanding performers as Jonas Kaufmann, Martina Serafin and Falk Struckmann.

In Wagner’s opera, Wotan’s two illegitimate children, Siegmund and Sieglinde, fall in love and their ecstatic union produces the hero Siegfried. In the first half, Jaap van Zweden and the Gstaad Festival Orchestra perform other works by Wagner.

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