Friends of the Grafenegg Festival

A strong ensemble on the stage – and strong support in the wings

The Friends of the Grafenegg Festival form a community of people who are enthusiastic about music and feel a close affinity with this unique venue and its ambience. Dependable and dedicated, they have supported this outstanding festival from the very start. They are delighted and proud of the place that Grafenegg takes in Austria's cultural offering and in the international festival landscape.

The Friends employ their financial resources as backing for parts of the programme and in particular for special projects (e.g. the work of the Composer in Residence). The promotion of a new generation of musical talent is supported by the European Music Campus and with scholarships.

Their emotional involvement and their physical presence makes the Friends important ambassadors who work to make the festival better known and ever more popular.

Not that we are ever content. We are constantly expanding the circle of Friends and we love to share our interest and our delight with new friends.

Become a Friend of the Grafenegg Festival! You will receive attractive benefits for your support: exclusive priority booking, complimentary tickets, invitations to patrons' events and a personal premium service.

Grafenegg is something exceptional and aims to stay that way. Together, we can play our part in achieving that.



President of the Committee:
Dr. Walter Rothensteiner

Vice presidents:
Dr. Elisabeth Stadler
Tassilo Metternich-Sándor
Eva Moosbrugger
Karl-Heinz Strauss


We would like to thank our patrons:


Diamond Patrons

Herbert Batliner
DONAU Versicherung 
Robert Placzek Holding AG
Privatbrauerei Zwettl

Golden Patrons

Charlotte und Mark Cunningham
Franz Humer und Majo Fruithof Humer
Master Lin - GW Cosmetics
Österreichische Traditionsweingüter
Schaeffler Holding
voestalpine Metal Forming GmbH


Silver Patrons

BDO Consulting GmbH
Chabek Bau GmbH
Wolfram Geyer
GLT – GleitLagerTechnik® GmbH
Dieter und Christina Hundt
Hydro Ingenieure Holding GmbH
IMC FH Krems
Iro & Partners
Melitta Kabele
Kastner Gruppe, Zwettl
Architekten Maurer & Partner ZT GmbH
Metzger Realitäten Gruppe
Peter Mitterbauer
Familie Mörwald
Saubermacher für eine lebenswerte Umwelt
Hans Schmid Privatstiftung
Schlosshotels und Herrenhäuser
Waltraude und Gerhard Stabentheiner
R H Staller
Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten GmbH
Klenk & Meder GmbH
Weingut Josef Jamek


Bronze Patrons

Austria Glas Recycling
ZT-Kanzlei DI Bacher
Fleischwaren Berger
Beutlhauser Baumaschinen
Robin und Veronica Bidwell
Brucha Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Peter Bruckner
Cool-Terra GmbH
Dkfm. Ehgartner GmbH
Karlheinz Essl
Gerfried Falb
Georg Fischer Fittings GmbH
Kevin Flowers und Camilla Bruckner
Katharina Fröch
M. & D. Gertner GmbH
Herbert Giese
Göls Malerbetriebs GmbH
architekt gschwantner zt-gmbh
Bernhard Hainz, CMS Reich-Rohrwig-Hainz
Georg Hartel
Elisabeth Himmer-Hirnigel
Albert Hochleitner
Philipp Keller
Klement Gmbh & Co KG
Ursula Kloiber
Öffentliche Notare Krug & Sattler
Emmy Lauteren
Peter Lechner
Loisium Hotel
Edith Lukesch
Ferdinand Maier
Alfred Maurizio
Johann Mayerhofer
Arthur Mensdorff-Pouilly
Mondial GmbH & Co KG
NÖ Steuer- und Wirtschaftsberatungs GesmbH
Stephan Probst
PSP Holz GmbH
Mario Rehulka
RELUX Lichtmedizintechnik GmbH
Residenz Josefstadt
Retter & Partner ZT GmbH
Frank Riel
Gerhard Schlack
Sparkasse Langenlois
Steigenberger Hotel and Spa
Astrid Streit
Tamara Wagner-Trenkwitz
Wildburger Gruppe
Angela und Edward Williams



We also kindly thank our many anonymous patrons.

Präsident Dr. Walter Rothensteiner

Prof. Elisabeth Stadler
Tassilo Metternich-Sándor
Eva Moosbrugger
Ing. Karl-Heinz Strauss

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