Joseph Bozich / Ink Still Wet 2023

«May we introduce you...?»

Veröffentlicht: 17/07/2023

«May we introduce you ...?»

Get to know Joseph Bozich, one of the five participants from this year's Ink Still Wet workshop, which Composer in Residence Philippe Manoury will lead. Brad Lubman will work as conducting coach with the participants. 

Joseph Bozich's Selection

«In curating this playlist, I wanted to imagine those pieces that could help an audience encountering my music for the first time, but also those that have over the course of my artistic and personal life proven to be most meaningful. These are not inherently the pieces I think are “best” or most interesting, nor the closest to my aesthetic, but the list highlights my lifelong love of three-dimensional music: dense Strauss and Wagner, complex contemporary jazz, polymorphous Ives, transcendental Ustvolskaya and Messiaen, and intense and heady Boulez. I hope these pieces give some sense of my person, if not a complete view of my musical upbringing.»

Auditorium Grafenegg
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