Roman Czura / Ink Still Wet 2023

«May we introduce you …?»

Veröffentlicht: 17/07/2023

«May we introduce you ...?»

Get to know Roman Czura, one of the five participants from this year's Ink Still Wet workshop, which Composer in Residence Philippe Manoury will lead. Brad Lubman will work as conducting coach with the participants. 

Roman Czura's Selection

«As I usually love to hear really long pieces: symphonies, concertos, sonatas or operas, this playlist has been a real challenge. I tried to include as many composers that had an impact on me as was possible, whilst still trying to build a more or less coherent dramaturgy around that.... While on a desert island I'd probably take either a volume of Beethoven's Complete Piano Sonatas or Wagner's Der Ring des Ribelungen. (Is that already cheating?)»

Auditorium Grafenegg
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