Little Warsaw: Balance Capsule

A yellow telephone booth on a white pyramid in a historical park: Little Warsaw's projects frequently build on a moment of dislocation, of shift, of a change in context, with many of the projects bringing ideologically charged objects into different relationships. Accordingly, for example, in 2004 the artists transported the bronze statue of a farmer from a small village in Hungary to Amsterdam, and a couple of years prior they had cast a 1920s portal complete with a dead soldier on the ground in soft silicon.

A sculpture has been completed for Schlosspark Grafenegg that engages critically with the notion of the park: as a designed landscape, as a space for the unusual, of discoveries and surprises, the stage-managed view – while also being a theme park and museum. The telephone booth stems from West Berlin, and the title of the work, Balance Capsule, alludes to the complex relationships between international diplomacy, modernity, space travel and telecommunications. The yellow booth with rounded edges, a model from the 1970s and very similar to public phones in Austria of the same period, is a familiar element of modern public space, but unreachable atop the tall white pyramid. A tomb or monument, ancient Egyptian culture filtered by the history of art and culture in the West: Minimal Art, Romanticism, museum conservation, political sculpture, trade fair structures and appropriation combine here to cause productive misunderstandings.

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