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17/02/2024 Sa 18.30

Bruckner 7

Tonkunstler Orchestra · Yutaka Sado


Yutaka Sado conducts Bruckner's moving Seventh Symphony.


Past event

Portrait of Yutaka Sado conducting an orchestra
Yutaka Sado © Takashi Iijima


  • Orchester
    Tonkünstler-Orchester Niederösterreich
  • Dirigent
    Yutaka Sado


  • 01:05:00
    Anton Bruckner Symphonie Nr. 7 E-Dur

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17/02/2024 Sa 16.15


Bruckner 7

Past event

17/02/2024 Sa 17.30


Klaus Laczika


Anton Bruckner's late symphonic period begins with his Seventh. Though this mostly lyrical work finishes in an energetically radiant E major, at its centre is its great C-sharp minor Adagio, in which moving, funereal music takes several runs toward its grandiose climax, which immediately transforms into a painfully sublime eulogy to Richard Wagner - the master whom Bruckner admired so deeply had died a short time before. With the Seventh the grief-stricken Bruckner achieved his international breakthrough. To this day it remains one of his most popular symphonies: a masterpiece, and a masterwork for Yutaka Sado.

  • Tonkunstler Orchestra
    Tonkunstler Orchestra © Mark Glassner


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