Grafenegg Academy Orchstra

Call for musicians

Grafenegg Academy

Grafenegg Academy Orchstra © Lukas Beck

Artistic Curator & Conductor

Ilan Volkov

The Grafenegg Academy is led by Artistic Curator Ilan Volkov.

Ilan Volkov
Ilan Volkov © James Mollison

Soloist & Guest Artist

Colin Currie

In 2024 Colin Currie will return as Guest Artist. He is programmatically responsible for the Late Night Session and will perform as a Soloist in the large orchestra concert.

Portrait of Colin Currie
Colin Currie © Sofija Palurovic

Mentors 2024

Musicians of leading international orchestras

What you get

The Grafenegg Academy offers its members a new approach to advanced trainings.

A special focus of the Grafenegg Academy 2024 is the topic «improvisation». During the residency, a joint orchestral improvisation will be developed – which will be brought on stage at the final concert. Furthermore, there will be the chance to dive deeper into this topic experimentally in in-depth workshops and MusicLabs.

Further contents:

  • In-depth (orchestral) training with outstanding artists
  • Inspiring and rich diversity of repertoire – music that is not performed every day
  • Exploring different ways of collaboration
  • Ten days in close contact with the best young orchestra musicians from all over the world; the curator, mentors and facilitators of the program
  • Music Labs and masterclasses focusing on professional needs in discussions and lectures with prominent figures give a multidisciplinary approach
  • An opportunity to build your CV with new skills to increase your musical expertise and performance abilities
  • Being part of a unique campus at the heart of Europe with first class resources and facilities in one of the world's greatest performance locations
  • Networking possibilities and social activities
  • A stipend of up to 850 €, travel allowance, accommodation

What you get

Community of Excellence: Join a close-knit community of highly talented musicians, supported by renowned mentors and influential figures in classical music.

Holistic Approach: Embrace a holistic approach to music education, catering to the diverse career paths of modern musicians through various concert formats, workshops, and more.

Renowned Curators & Mentors: Benefit from the guidance of celebrated musicians who contribute to the program's richness.

Global Recognition: Grafenegg Academy has quickly gained international recognition, attracting musicians from around the world to form a top-class orchestra.

Fresh Perspective: Experience a creative and ambitious approach to music, fostering artistic exchange, skill development, and collaborative exploration.

Performance Showcase: Grafenegg Academy culminates in a series of orchestra and chamber music performances, showcasing the diverse work achieved during the program.

Social Activities: Our program extends beyond music to embrace activities that promote community bonding. You can look forward to BBQ evenings, spontaneous chamber music soirées, jam sessions, excursions to local wine taverns, and much more.

Inspiring Environment: Immerse yourself in the stunning setting of castle, park, and nature, with the warm hospitality of Lower Austria as your backdrop.

In a nutshell, Grafenegg Academy offers a transformative and enriching musical journey, bringing out the best in talented musicians and expanding their horizons.

Concert programmes


Who is it for?

  • Professional musicians and promising advanced music students (finished bachelor’s degree)
  • Age limit: 35 years
  • Course language: English

Successful applicants will be highly talented young professional musicians at the start of their careers with a keen interest in further musical training that goes beyond the technical and merely athletic aspects of performing music. Curiosity, openness to new ideas, and an ambition to be a leader in tomorrow's musical landscape are all desirable qualities for those wishing to apply.

Selected participants are expected to be in residence for the full ten days of Grafenegg Academy and to be available to rehearse any day of the week—studying and rehearsing works in great depth with primary concern for the music and playing together itself.


The schedule will include daily rehearsals, Music Lab lectures and workshops, round table discussions, open rehearsals and other social gatherings.

11 July: Arrival day
12 – 21 July: Residence
20 July: Late Night Concert
21 July: Prélude Concert
21 July: Orchestra Concert
22 July: Departure day

Grafenegg Academy fellows should arrive on Thursday, 11 July.  The date of return travel home will be Monday 22 July. 

Invitation to apply

To qualify for application, applicants should be professional musicians or graduates of a music university (finished bachelor’s degree) aged 35 years or younger, and play one of the following instruments:

  • Violin (1st and 2nd) / 22 places available
  • Viola / 8 places available
  • Cello / 6 places available
  • Double bass / 4 places available
  • Flute (+ Picc.) / 3 places available
  • Oboe (+ EH) / 3 places available
  • Clarinet (+ E♭ + Bhn + Bass) / 3 places available
  • Bassoon (+ Double Bsn.) / 3 places available
  • French Horn / 4 places available
  • Trumpet / 3 places available
  • Trombone (+ Btbn.) / 3 places available
  • Tuba / 1 place available
  • Percussion / 3 places available
  • Harp / 1 place available
  • Key instruments / 1 place available

Application & selection

There is no fee to apply for the Grafenegg Academy. Interested musicians should upload a completed application by Wednesday, 17 January 2024 on MUVAC.

Completed applications require the following:

  1. Curriculum vitae in English (maximum of two pages)
  2. List of up to 20 contemporary works already performed
  3. Audition videos:
    - A piece of own choice (duration max. eight minutes)
    - Performance of a compulsory piece (Details can be found at the respective vacancy on MUVAC)
    Please note that the recording must not be edited in any way. Before submitting a video audition application, make sure you read the «Guidelines for Recording an Audition Video.»
  4. A letter of motivation in English about why you want to participate in the Grafenegg Academy, answering the following questions:
    - Why do you want to participate in the Grafenegg Academy?
    - What interests you most about the Grafenegg Academy?
    - What have been exciting or unusual projects you have participated in recently?
  5. A letter of recommendation from a professional orchestra or a promoter of classical music concerts

Please note, that all documents must be uploaded via MUVAC. Only complete applications will be considered. 
The Artistic Team headed by the Artistic Curator will decide on participation upon receipt of the application package and recordings. Successful candidates will be contacted by Wednesday, 28 February 2024 with further information. 

Should applicants find, after making an application, that they are no longer able to attend the Grafenegg Academy during the specified dates, we ask them to please let us know as soon as possible, and definitely before Wednesday, 14 February 2024.

General conditions

Accommodation & Transport

Each position in the Grafenegg Academy is fully funded by Grafenegg and includes:

  • Accommodation in twin rooms in the newly built Grafenegg Cottages
  • All local transport to and from Vienna
  • Subsistence costs / catering during the duration of the Grafenegg Academy
  • An additional stiped up to € 850.- for the entire duration of Grafenegg Academy

Travel expenses will be partially reimbursed after submitting an «Application for Travel Allowance». More information can be found under «How to apply for Travel Allowance».

Please note: Participants can only submit an "Application for Travel Allowance " after they have received a fixed confirmation for their participation in the Grafenegg Academy.

Contact & Downloads

Fateme Beytollahi | Orchestra Manager
Matias Alzola | Artistic Administration
+43 (0) 2735 5500 510

Apply on MUVAC

3485 Grafenegg 10

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