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Our Friends of Grafenegg Memberships bring music fans closer to what's happening in front of and behind the stage, offer exclusive opportunities to participate in the diverse cultural offerings at Grafenegg, and bring like-minded people together. Members of the Friends of Grafenegg are part of a regional and international network that meets and exchanges ideas in Grafenegg. What they have in common is their connection to the location, their love of music and their desire to get involved.

With your contribution you support a cultural lighthouse project that makes classical music accessible to a broad public at the highest level and has also established the Grafenegg Academy as a European centre for further education for young musicians.

Let's become friends!

Grafenegg Experiences Commitment Concerts
For only € 58
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As a Grafenegg Card holder you will profit from a variety of discounts, for example from up to 20% discount on all Grafenegg subscriptions and 10% on admission tickets as well as from discounts on exclusive bonus concerts. The Grafenegg Card also gives you free admission to the Grafenegg Advent as well as the Family Day. With your Grafenegg Card there is more to experience – more to enjoy!

Music Grafenegg Commitment
For only € 150
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Experience more. Share the enthusiasm. You receive exclusive invitations to events all year round and benefit from exclusive advance booking periods. In addition, you will receive attractive discounts on all Grafenegg subscriptions as well as Grafenegg concert tickets. Feel at home in Grafenegg's unique ambience, attend exclusive programme presentations and benefit from changing offers and advantages. The Membership in the Friends of Grafenegg also gives you free admission to Advent, Family Day and the Ringing Castle.

Bronze, Silver, Gold & Diamond


For the Memberships Bronze, Silver, Gold & Diamond please fill in the Membership form online.


Friends of Grafenegg

Sandra Feichtinger & Johanna Schwarz

+43 (0) 664 604 99 753

c/o Grafenegg Kulturbetriebsgesellschaft m.b.H.
3485 Grafenegg 10, Austria

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