Event in the Reitschule
Reitschule © Martin Luger

The Reitschule, built in the 19th century, and the neighbouring Auditorium enter into a compelling symbiosis of old and new. The hall, 570 m² in area, boasts a particularly impressive and unusual roof construction and adaptable lighting architecture. In combination with the various side rooms – or even the Auditorium – you can use the Reitschule for events of all sizes: banquets, concerts, receptions, balls or conventions. You can use the foyer of the Auditorium for your reception, the hall for banquets or presentations, the Tack Room for VIP receptions – make the most of the many options!

  • Flexible seating with or without stage
  • 35 gala tables, each to seat 10 people, & 600 red-padded visitor chairs
  • Mobile bar elements
  • Screen, projector, sound system, microphone 
  • can be delivered at ground level
  • Direct access to the historic side rooms Mews East & West and the castle grounds on the south side

Neighbouring rooms

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