Evening concert at theWolkenturm.
Wolkenturm © Lisa Edi

With 1,700 seats, 400 spaces on the lawn, three green rooms in the backstage area and a 216 m² stage embedded in a historic castle park, this acoustic and architectural masterpiece meets the highest demands. Thanks to the clever interplay of architecture and acoustics, the Wolkenturm is one of the best open-air stages in the world. Hire the Wolkenturm for your concert, presentation or celebration! Its unique architecture guarantees you an atmospheric event.

  • Lawn seats at the Wolkenturm
    Lawn seats at the Wolkenturm © Lisa Edi
  • Visitors on the Wolkenturm Courtyard.
    Wolkenturm Courtyard © Lisa Edi
  • Audience at the Wolkenturm
    Audience at the Wolkenturm © Lisa Edi
  • Crowded stand at the Wolkenturm.
    Wolkenturm © Lisa Edi
  • Wolkenturm
    Wolkenturm © Lisa Edi
  • Wolkenturm in the Castle Grounds.
    Wolkenturm © Lisa Edi