Chamber music concert in the Auditorium Grafenegg


Concert in the Auditorium © Lisa Edi

The Auditorium is one of the best concert halls in Europe and offers a stage for four special matinees on Sundays in each Festival.

In 2024, you can once again expect an exciting and varied programme from different genres: experience intimate chamber music and touching orchestral sounds in small and large ensembles.

A musical start

into the day

In the excellent acoustics of the Auditorium, baritone Andrè Schuen and pianist Daniel Heide will perform works by Johannes Brahms and Gustav Mahler. The Vienna - Berlin Chamber Orchestra will also give a guest performance accompanied by Rudolf Buchbinder at the piano and as musical leader.

Entirely dedicated to grand opera is the Matinee of the Concentus Musicus Wien, which makes its first guest appearance in Grafenegg and brings a well-known voice back to Grafenegg with mezzo-soprano Patricia Nolz, who already performed at the Festival Opening in 2023.

The fourth and last Matinee of the Festival represents a special highlight: Michael Tilson Thomas' «From the Diary of Anne Frank» will be performed in German for the first time - with Ruth Brauer-Kvam as narrator.

Medienpartner der Matineen
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