The award-winning open air stage is characterized by its imaginative design of concrete, steel and glass.

Wolkenturm – Open-Air Stage

With the Wolkenturm, Grafenegg’s centuries-old architectural landscape in 2007 gained an open-air stage that blended perfectly into its natural surroundings. Nestling in a natural hollow, the building designed by architects Marie-Therese Harnoncourt and Ernst J. Fuchs (the next ENTERprise – architects) is a sculpture that rises up a good 15 metres to the height of the treetops and affords unexpected views from a range of standpoints. From the terraces, with seating for over 1,700 spectators, as well as from the surrounding hills that provide lawn seating for over 400 people, one’s eye is caught by the historical castle and the romantic ambience of Grafenegg. The open-air arena’s acoustic shell produces an excellent sound through the acoustic detailing of the Munich firm Müller-BBM.

In case of bad weather, concerts at the Wolkenturm are moved to the Auditorium. For ticket holders in categories 1 to 5, alternative seating is available in the Auditorium, and for category 6, standing room with a seating rail. For ticket holders in category 7 and lawn seating, a live video transmission of the concert can be viewed at the Reitschule.


The Next Enterprise


The Wolkenturm’s architects / The next ENTERprise

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