Wolkenturm close-up.


Wolkenturm © Lisa Edi

The finalisation of the Wolkenturm in 2007 marked the beginning of the Grafenegg Festival. This award-winning open-air stage, a mix of concrete, steel and glass, distinguishes itself with one of the best acoustics in Europe and offers 1700 seats for visitors as well as another 400 lawn seats on the adjacent hills. 

While the architectural complex elevates itself to a monument in the expansive garden landscape, the stage's spatial openings bridge the contrast between nature and structure, so that everything blends together and creates a sense of harmony. 

  • Lawn seats at the Wolkenturm
    Lawn seats at the Wolkenturm © Lisa Edi
  • Wolkenturm
    Wolkenturm © Lisa Edi
  • Wolkenturm close-up.
    Wolkenturm © Lisa Edi
  • Wolkenturm with gaze to the stands.
    Wolkenturm © Lisa Edi
  • Backstage at the Wolkenturm
    Backstage at the Wolkenturm © Lisa Edi
  • Musician at the Wolkenturm
    Musician on stage at the Wolkenturm © Lisa Edi
  • Musician at the Wolkenturm
    Musician at the Wolkenturm © Lisa Edi
  • In contrast to a concert hall, which is almost isolated from the outside, external influences, such as birdsong from the castle grounds, become audible at open-air concerts. The stage space below the Wolkenturm itself serves as an instrument to capture sound, focus it and transmit it to the audience. Seating is arranged to provide optimal visibility and acoustics, giving the venue a pleasant intimacy.

    Complementing the construction method, renowned acoustician Karlheinz Müller has used modern technology to provide optimum sound enjoyment for the audience in the back rows as well. In the summer season, when the weather permits outdoor music-making, the Wolkenturm becomes the main stage. The site reveals its versatility and beauty every time you walk through the park. Upon entering, the Wolkenturm reveals itself as a sculpture, offering unexpected views of the trees, sky, castle and park. The sound shell developed by the Müller-BBM company makes the Wolkenturm one of the acoustically outstanding open-air stages in Europe. The Wolkenturm does not compete with the landscape but, despite its concrete and steel construction, blends harmoniously with the natural surroundings and the old trees of the park. Its shape and appearance change depending on the direction from which one approaches, and it blends seamlessly into the existing landscape. The paths in the park are designed in such a way that constantly changing panoramas can be experienced when crossing them. The location in the middle of nature, during the evening concerts often at sunset, form a harmonious setting for the concerts, which feature international orchestras and top-class musicians. In addition to enjoying a warm summer night with excellent music, framed by the vast landscape and a picturesque sky, the open-air location offers other advantages. On the lawn areas to the right and left of the tribunes, there is the possibility to sit on the blanket with food and drinks and enjoy a picnic while listening to the music. 

    «Besides its function as an acoustically perfect open-air stage, I also think of the Wolkenturm as a garden pavilion, a structuring element that offers unexpected views.»
    Marie-Therese Harnoncourt from the architect duo the next ENTERprise

    The next ENTERprise

    Information on the architect duo Marie-Therese Harnoncourt and Ernst J. Fuchs from the next ENTERprise.

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