Concert in the Auditorium


Concert in the Auditorium © Lisa Edi

Since 2008, the Auditorium has contributed to the unique atmosphere in Grafenegg. Located between the historic Reitschule and the Grafenegg Restaurant, it blends into the historical setting and enriches the entire venue.

The magnificent sound space, which is characterized by excellent acoustics, accommodates 1300 visitors in a festive ambience, making it an ideal concert venue all year round. The Auditorium was inaugurated with Schubert's «Unfinished Symphony». 

    Architectural finesse

    Designed by architects Schröder Schulte-Ladbeck and Dieter Irresberger, the concert hall was created in cooperation with the acoustics expert Karlheinz Müller in order to create an optimal sound experience. 

    Although the hall is proportioned in a classic rectangular shape, it deviates slightly from exact right angles and blends seamlessly with the irregular outer shell. The acoustically modeled wall structures provide perfect sound; the bright appearance of the hall is characterized by natural oak wood and polished limestone plaster in ivory color, applied according to ancient Venetian technique. The Auditorium was designed as a flexible venue. Both the ceiling structure with its purposefully placed lighting and the seating and stage size can be arranged according to the occasion, from a large orchestra concert to a banquet.

    Throughout the year, the auditorium is a state-of-the-art concert hall that is used for concerts as part of the Season Sounds. Many visitors also know this venue as an excellent bad weather alternative during the summer months. The concert hall enjoys a first-class reputation worldwide for its versatility. It can accommodate all kinds of ensembles, from small groups to large orchestras. In this beautiful hall, the audience is literally embraced by the music, regardless of where they are seated. The natural acoustics of the Auditorium allow the music not only to come from the stage, but also to take the audience on an immersive sound journey that surrounds them from all sides. This creates a unique listening experience and makes the Auditorium an outstanding concert hall that captivates music lovers.

    Concert hall Auditorium
    Concert hall Auditorium © Lisa Edi
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